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Remixing YouTube Videos

With YouTube producing huge stars like Justin Bieber and videos going viral every day, it’s no wonder that people are posting original videos with the hopes of monetizing on them. However, what if you don’t have your own videos? What if you want to give remixing YouTube videos a shot? Can you earn money? Is it even allowed? The answer to both these questions is ‘yes.’

Do remixed videos make money?

On YouTube, remixed videos stand the same chance of earning money and going viral as original videos. Of course, you can’t just depend on going viral. You need to continuously put out videos. If you’re making $.01 per 1000 impressions on one video, you’re only making $10 every time you reach that threshold. However, if you have 25 remixed videos up and you make $10 on each, you just made a passive $250 from remixing YouTube videos.

How much can you earn?

Unless you go viral, it’s unlikely that you’re going to make a lot of money on one single video. Most viral remixes are humorous ones, usually making fun of some pop culture figure or even another viral video. Two men, know as the Gregory Brothers, have already earned themselves 17 million views on only two videos. Even using a basic impression rate of $.01 per 1000 views, they easily could have earned $170,000 on impressions alone.

Keep in mind making a viral video is a one in a million shot, so it’s important to get as many videos as you can out there. The more you post, the more you make and the more likely you are to hit that viral sweet spot.

How much does the copyright owner receive?

When it comes to remixes, copyright can get complicated. With a Creative Commons attribution license, the only requirement to use a video is that you must give the original creator credit and link to the attribution license. You do not have to pay them earnings on your remixed video. YouTube currently has more than 40 million videos that are available under Creative Commons attribution licensing.

Other videos might fall under ‘fair use.’ Fair use allows people to use portions of videos for the purpose of critique or parody. Usually, fair use depends on how substantially the video has changed from the original. Again, in the case of fair use, the original copyright owner has no claim to money made on the remixed video.

In most cases, the original copyright owner will not receive payment for fair use or attribution license work compiled into a new remixed video. That is, unless there is an agreement in place. In that case, it’s usually a fixed amount.

When do copyright owners get fixed payments?

Copyright holders can license their work for a flat fee, allowing people to rent it for their own use. They might use a content sharing site to offer their work for sale. As long as you pay the fee to license it, it’s available for your use.

Remixed YouTube videos can be an excellent way to create a revenue stream. By creating high-quality, engaging remixed videos, and doing it often, you can earn money easily. While this is no get rich quick option, with a bit of dedication and a good amount of videos, it’s easy to make money by remixing videos on YouTube.

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