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How to Track an iPhone Easily

Have you ever wanted to know how to track an iPhone? Maybe you want to keep track of your kids. Maybe you’re suspicious of your employee’s activities. Maybe you’re just curious. You’ll get no judgment here. Instead, you’re going to learn how to track an iPhone without having to become a world class hacker.

To know how to track an iPhone, you’ll need to do a bit of research. First, you’ll need to know if you’re legally entitled to track a certain device. After all, you wouldn’t want to get accused of hacking. Next, you’ll need to choose the right program to track the device. Tracking an iPhone involves installing an app on the phone to be tracked, so you might need physical access to the device as well. Of course, if you’re legally entitled to track it, then getting that physical access shouldn’t be a problem.

The Legality of iPhone Tracking

When it comes to tracking an iPhone, there are two main reasons that are usually recognized as legal by all jurisdictions. These two reasons usually occur when you own the phone and happen when you’re either tracking the phone of one of your children, or keeping an eye on an employee’s company issued cell phone. The general rule of thumb is if you pay for it, it’s legal for you to track.

This is especially true when it comes to your kids. If you pay for the phone, then it’s your phone. You’re fully entitled to download whatever you need to make sure that they are being safe and responsible with their technology. In addition, every parent deals with that one late night, where they’re worried to death about a teenager that is late for curfew and hasn’t called. With the right app, you’ll be able to check call history, messages and even GPS coordinates.

Maybe you’re a business owner with an employee who has a company phone. If you’re worried about their work ethic or if they are where they say they are during company hours, then software designed to track that iPhone is the ideal solution for keeping tabs on them. In some companies, it’s standard company policy that all company issued cell phones have a tracker installed on them.

In both of these cases, if you own the phone, it’s yours to track. Sometimes, you are legally required to inform someone that they are being tracked, especially in the case of employees. To know if that is required in your area, you should check with an attorney.

Knowing how to track an iPhone can keep your children safe and keep your employees in line. So now that you know what’s legal, it’s time to learn how it’s done.

Picking the Right Tracking Software

There are dozens of apps that are designed to track iPhones and Android phones, but not all of them are created equally. When you’re looking for the right app for tracking an iPhone, you need to consider the following.

Discretion – Ideally, if you’re tracking someone’s iPhone, you want the app to operate in a discreet way, that doesn’t impinge the iPhone’s performance. People don’t like being monitored and if you give them an excuse to remove the app, by giving them a poorly performing program, they will try to remove it. The app should be so discreet that the person who is using the phone forgets it’s even there.

Ease of Use – If the app isn’t installed properly, you won’t be able to work it properly. It should be simple and fast to install. In addition, if you want to actually look at the available tracking data, then you’ll want a program that allows you to do it from anywhere and is easy to use.

Options – Tracking apps should cover a range of services, and not just one or two. The best tracking apps offer text message, phone call and IM history. They will also allow you to access calendar data and allow you to check GPS coordinates.

Range – A tracking program should work anywhere, regardless of where you are in the world. It should work with all cell phone carriers and be accessible from multiple devices.

One good app to use is called mSpy. This app meets all of the above criteria and is available for both personal and business use. With a basic account, you can track one device and with a business account, you can track up to five under one account.

Installing the App

Installation will change from devices to device, so it’s important to follow the specific steps for your own devices. In this case, we’re talking about how to track an iPhone. The first thing you should note is that the iPhone will have to be jail broken in order to be tracked. Tracking an iPhone that isn’t jail broken isn’t possible unless you have access to the device’s iCloud account. Even then, not all the options will be available.

If you choose to go with mSpy, there is a simple wizard that will walk you through the steps of downloading the app on the target iPhone. The entire process takes less than 5 minutes to do correctly on an iPhone and the steps are pretty straightforward. Once it’s installed, it’s simply a matter of signing into your mSpy account to check out the data or track the iPhone as necessary.

If you ever want to install it on another device, you will have to uninstall it on the old device first. The uninstall process for mSpy is as simple as the installation process and only takes a few minutes.

Tracking an iPhone with Ease

You don’t have to be a world class hacker to be able to monitor an iPhone. All you really need is the right app. Aside from mSpy, there are many excellent apps available that will help you monitor just about everything someone does with their phone. If you need to monitor your children, or make sure your employees are using their company phone appropriately, a good tracking app is the easiest and fastest way to learn how to track an iPhone.

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