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Center Grove, Indiana  


Center Grove, Indiana is a located in the White River Township of Johnson County. This beautiful community was named for its award winning educational programs, most specifically, the Center Grove Community School Corporation. The citizens of Center Grove enjoy a high quality of life, in a great place to work, live and raise a family. This small suburban area is located right next door to Greenwood, Indiana, for shopping, commuting and more. That doesn’t mean Center Grove doesn’t host its own events and entertainment right there in town though.

Festivals and Events

There are a number of festivals and activities people can enjoy in Center Grove. One of the most popular is the annual Strawberry Festival, which residents of Center Grove have enjoyed for more than 20 years. The festival features a number of demonstrations, as well as antique car shows.

Many of the yearly events are held at the Center Grove Orchard. These events include holiday luncheons, arts and craft events, and various demonstrations. At the Center Grove Orchard, you can even pick your own apples, pumpkins and strawberries, depending on the season.

For higher end festivities, you can try out the Soup Bowl. This charitable event is held annually and features a silent auction as well as food and drinks. Various galas and events are held throughout the year in order to raise money for good causes.

The annual Johnson County Fair features baking competitions, pageants, a parade and many different live events. The Johnson Country Fair occurs in July, and is located in Franklin, which is only 20 minutes from town center of Center Grove.

Parks and Recreation

Center Grove has a great two mile loop trail that features comfortable walking and bridges for getting where you need to go on foot, or simply taking a long leisurely walk. The community is also regularly upgrading the walking paths and creating new trails.

In addition, the nearby Independence Park in Greenwood features a number of activities and events, as well as allows residents a place to enjoy some outside time. This park is less than a two minute drive from town center.


When it comes to sports in Center Grove, the big one to think about is football. Center Grove hosts the award winning and league ranked Trojans football team. Center Grove is a community that takes its football seriously. Despite the small size of the township, their football team is ranked 4th in the state.

Of course, Center Grove doesn’t just offer football. The high school has a full array of programs including basketball, lacrosse, golf and more. The award winning school program offers extracurricular activities for all students, regardless of their athletic preferences.

Center Grove is a great suburban community. You can get the benefits of a small community atmosphere, with the convenience of a larger metro area right next door. Everything you need is only moments away in Center Grove. This community is a great place to live, work and raise a family. Whether you’re spending some time at the Center Grove Orchard, walking the 2-mile loop or supporting the Trojans, you’ll be glad you took the opportunity to check out Center Grove.



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