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Breast Implants + Breast Lifts: Are They Always Better Together?

Women who are thinking of getting breast enhancement surgery often get recommendations for two different procedures. Their surgeon might suggest that combining implants with a breast lift will yield the optimal result. These two procedures are frequently done together, though some women find the best choice for them is one or the other. Deciding which surgery to get is based on what you want your end result to be and what your surgeon thinks is the ideal way to achieve that outcome.

Lifting Alone

Breast lift procedures are growing in popularity. Since 2000, this type of surgery has grown by 70%.* This is because many women don’t wish for larger breasts, but simply want to regain the youthful appearance of their breasts. Skin elasticity changes as we age, which can result in less firm, drooping breasts.

A breast lift will tighten the skin around the breasts and create a new youthful contour that may have been lost due to aging, weight fluctuations, pregnancy and more. Lifting will not significantly change the size of your breasts, though by lifting, they will have a fuller appearance. This procedure is the ideal treatment for more severe forms of ptosis, which is sagging of the breast tissue, though it is not ideal if you want much larger breasts. For that, most women choose implants.

Simple Implants

Implant surgery can drastically change the size of your breasts, allowing you to go up several cup sizes. The doctor will make recommendations based on your size and frame to find the right implant size for you. The implants are filled with silicone gel or saline, in order to give the most natural feel and appearance.

While implants might help in cases of mild ptosis, they will not correct moderate to severe ptosis. In fact, if the ptosis is severe, implants can actually make it worse, because the weight of the breast tissue is increased, which will result in more drooping over time. If the doctor thinks the risk of ptosis is severe, they will often recommend a breast lift be paired with the implant surgery.

The Best Breast Augmentation Results with Both

Combining a breast lift with implants is a great way to completely change the look and feel of your breasts. The implants will help give you volume, while the lift will make your breasts have a perkier, youthful appearance. There are many benefits to getting these two procedures done together. Some of those benefits include;

  • It’s the fastest way to achieve the best overall result
  • The cost is lower, when compared to having both surgeries separately
  • It’s easier to achieve a more symmetrical result

Doctors will often recommend combining both a breast lift and an augmentation when the patient has significant ptosis, the nipple is drooping or the doctor believes that the weight of the implant will exacerbate ptosis. The surgeon’s goal is not just to create the best immediate result, but to create a lasting result that will look just as good several years down the road.

What Should You do?

Many doctors follow different schools of thought on whether or not to do these surgeries together. The best doctors review every patient on a case by case basis and will make a recommendation based on your desired end result.

By teaming the two together, some women find they get a more pleasing result. Others might choose to go with only one if they only want a perkier appearance or have no problem with drooping and simply want larger breasts. Whether you have one or both, the surgery your doctor recommends should be based on achieving your ideal outcome.

References: “Breast implants are still overwhelming choice for women, but since 2000 breast lifts are up 70%,” Mar. 31, 2014, http://www.plasticsurgery.org/news/2014/stats-show-breast-lifts-outpacing-breast-implants.html

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