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2016 Lincoln MKX

The new 2016 Lincoln MKX is one of the newest mid-size offerings from Lincoln, which is being unveiled at the 2015 Detroit Motor Show. This toned down version is expected to be an improvement on older, flashier models, as well as offer a few new upgrades in performance, fuel economy and accessories.

When the concept was first unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show in 2014, the mid-sized SUV was shown to have a sleek outer body, split wing grille and full-length tail lights, leading to a smooth silhouette. It also features 21 inch wheels, for a sharp, powerful look with a modern twist. Rounded corners and a tapered roofline add to the slimmer look. While the older versions of the MKX were chunkier and heavier looking, this version has been simplified significantly. With this lighter look, can better fuel economy be expected?

The 2015 version offered up to 18 mpg in city driving and up to 26 MPG on the highway, so it’s likely that this newest version will surpass even that. The 2016 Lincoln MKX offers a much more lightweight and efficient design.

Considering the fact that the 2016 Lincoln MKX shares the Ford Edge’s turbocharged 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 engine, it’s reasonable to expect that both fuel economy and performance will be improved. It will feature a 6 speed automatic transmission and optional four wheel drive to add to that impressive performance.

Inside, it’s expected that the MKX will offer knobs and buttons, over the capacitive touch switchgear it currently offers in its older models. That’s purely speculative, based on Ford’s recent assertion that it will be moving back towards knobs and buttons in all of their vehicles. The Lincoln line is probably included in that decision. On top of that, the manufacturer is moving towards a QNX based infotainment system, similar to the ones used in BMW and Chrysler vehicles. The premium leather seats, keyless entry and power locks are expected to remain the same.

The 2016 Lincoln MKX is expected to have a base price tag of around $32,000 which could increase to as much as $36,000 for higher end trims. Despite this, it is still one of the more moderately priced mid-size SUVs out there, which will likely make it a very popular vehicle. The specific date that it will be released is yet unknown, but it has been reported that it will be sometime in the fall of 2015.


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