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Strangely Sober

Angelica Salvatori, aka Sal,  is anything but sober. As a hard partying and even harder living criminal, she considers her status as mastermind not just a job, but a calling. Between running her crew, trying to burn down her bar, and dealing with her occasional breaks with reality, she has enough on her plate.  When she finds out that she has a twin she didn’t know about, one that may be in serious danger because of something she did, Sal reacts by doing what any good delusional sociopath would do. She goes on a violence packed, cross country crime spree to find out who’s hunting them and why.

When security consultant Cole Warner is hired by Sal’s sister to track her down and keep her safe,  he gets a lot more than he bargained for. While pursuing Sal through a series of explosions, gun fights and meetings with drug cartel, he starts to wonder if the woman he’s trying to protect needs to be protected from herself. The more he gets to know Sal, the more he thinks that the self declared evil genius may have a death wish. At the same time, he also finds himself having more fun than he’s ever had in his life, so she must be doing something right.

Sal and Cole soon find themselves drawn into the illicit underworld of human trafficking as they try to solve the mystery. With the help of  Sal’s diverse family, a suitcase full of explosives, and a recurring Gary Busey hallucination, the two will embark on a journey to confront a kingpin who may be as dangerous to Sal as she is to herself.

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looking for the hidden page? Gary Busey knows the way

21 thoughts on “Strangely Sober

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  2. You got my interest in the 1st paragraph. I will definitely get a copy of this one.

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  8. I’ll tell you what- give me the rest of the day and I’ll do a feature post on you and your blog to go up on the 27th. I’ll do it like a promo interview if you’d like. You are much too funny and talented to be this hidden. People need to read you.

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  13. Delusional sociopath criminal GIRL hero? With Gary Busey delusions? And no sex scenes to elbow through? THANK YOU!! I think I love you! I have to save my pennies now. Do you have paper versions of the book?

      • so glad! I can’t remember the last time I sold a paperback copy of “Strangely”. Feels like everyone has eReaders nowadays. I have one myself, but still prefer the feel of a paperback better.

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