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Asymmetric Angels

Angelica Salvatori, AKA Sal, thought her problems were over. After marrying the man of her dreams and settling down, her delusions and violent tendencies seemed to be a thing of a past. Unfortunately, her past is just her problem. When one of her previous cons comes back to bite her, Sal hightails it out of town, leaving her husband to pick up the pieces.

Cole Warner is on a desperate hunt for his wife. With the help of Sal’s interfering uncles and excessively religious brother, he’s in a race against time to get to his wife before her enemies do. Unfortunately for him, Sal has a lot of enemies.

Less than 3 hours away, at the hottest drag club in Key West, a mysterious woman holds the key to solving both their problems. Angel Sunshine, a woman with no past and a ridiculous name, wakes up screaming from dreams filled with blood and violence.  As she tries to untangle the secrets of her past, she wakes up an enemy who may just cost her, Sal and Cole their lives.

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7 thoughts on “Asymmetric Angels

  1. I’m digging this. I’m from Florida originally, so I like reading about stories that take place there. Drag Queens? Well now that’s just awesome. Definitely going to have to get my hands on a copy of this book when it comes out!

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  5. Alroc’s Sal once again manages to mangle and mash mischievous men while maintaining a pristine pride throughout this rough, rowdy, rambling ride delving into dark secrets of a hot Florida beach bar. Essa Alroc Does It Again with Aysymmetric Angels!

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