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Mystery Novels by Essa

Please enjoy this random photograph of an alpaca.

Please enjoy this random photograph of an alpaca.

Essa has been working on on a top mystery series for awhile now, and there is a final book expected in the Strangely Sober saga soon. As a warning, her mystery novels are darker, and feature strong language with extensive recreational drug use.  While that’s kind of the idea of a great weekend for her, she gets that others aren’t so laid back. Generally, if you don’t like the content on her blog, you probably wouldn’t like the content in her books.Save money by decided if you hate her first by getting her free ebook, The Apology, available on any major ebook platform.

If you do like her books, know that her best mystery books are yet to come. She has several works in progress at this time and will release more as her schedule gets less hectic.   All her novels are Florida based, as that’s where she calls home…and sometimes wonders why.

Essa might be addicted to drama.

Strangely SOber smaller coverA deeply moving novel, reminiscent of Nicholas Sparks, about a love affair between a paranoid schizophrenic and her Gary Busey hallucination.


The love affair continues in Asymmetric Angels

Coming in 2015, the final book in the Strangely Sober Series. Please join my mailing list if you’d like to be notified of its release.

the apology cover

The story of a girl, a boy and an alpaca named Russel. It’s also a novella that introduces the Strangely Sober series and is always free, on every eBook platform.

New projects are underway under this pen name, but will not be announced until they are in final editing.


Charlene McSuede Books

Charlene McSuede is my alternate pen name, where I write domestic discipline erotica both by self publishing, and with niche erotica publishers. Please see the Charlene McSuede Amazon page to see my books in this genre.


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  1. I am looking forward to your next installation of Sal. Never say never, Sal is too awesome to only have three acts. Maybe she will reemerge as a senior citizen fighting past demons.

    • I can not guarantee that Geo’s Gift will be the last of Sal. I’ve gotten way to attached to her character. But right now, I’m too early into the last book to say anything for sure. And I could totally see her as an ass kicking octogenarian, beating the shit out of people in a bingo hall. 🙂

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