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The Blame Game

One of my favorite groups of idiots is making the news again. In the recent tragic case of the Isla Vista killings, where psychotic virgin killer Elliot Rodger went on a rampage, the manosphere is popping up again and again. Some people are going as far as to blame them for creating a ‘male entitlement culture’.

In case you weren’t aware, Elliot Rodger decided to go on his killing spree because hot girls wouldn’t do him and he was upset that he was a 20-something virgin. Many people saw the misogynistic nature of these killings and started to point fingers at the one group that regularly touts their entitlement to sex; the manosphere.

For the first time ever, I’m going to go ahead and defend them. Yes, I know they are mostly a group of loud, disgruntled internet douchebags who cause more problems than they fix. What they aren’t is responsible for the deaths of those six people or the actions of Elliot Rodger.

You have the manosphere participants and pick-up artists everywhere claiming, not only did they not inspire these murders, they could have helped this guy;

“THIS is why we do what we do. TO PREVENT THIS SHIT!!! He should have gone to our website and got our personal dating coaching or purchased one of our products. IF ANYONE NEEDS HELP, CONTACT US! Don’t ‘suffer injustice.”

Let me explain something to every pick-up artist who thinks they could have helped this guy; first, all your products are scams. I think we all know that.

Second, if he hadn’t been upset about being a virgin, he would have been upset about something else. Even if some chick had decided to throw this guy one, this still would have happened. Only now we’d be watching a video and reading a manifesto on why he decided to murder his girlfriend (and probably her entire family) instead of 6 random people.

Last night, I sat down with a 6-pack and I started reading Elliot Rodger’s long, rambling manifesto. It was 141 pages long and filled with entitlement, inadequacy, paranoia and a shit load of rage. What did I learn from that manifesto? This cat was a ticking time bomb well before the manosphere ever existed.

Here are some things you should know about Elliot Rodger;

  1. He thought he was destined to win the lottery and would regularly drive to Arizona to buy lottery tickets after meditating for days about winning.
  2. When he was 12, he accidentally shoved a girl. She swore at him, like someone is apt to do after being shoved, and he stewed about that one curse word for 10 years, even going as far as to say she ruined his childhood.
  3. He thought all women should be put in concentration camps and that sex should be outlawed.
  4. He regularly pressured his mother to find and marry a rich man, as he felt entitled to money.
  5. His parents had him in counseling and working with a life couch. He was prescribed an anti-psychotic he refused to take. He didn’t think anything was wrong with him except for the fact that he was a virgin. He did not seem to understand the he was mentally ill and that normal people didn’t think the same way as him.
  6. He was a man who was completely out of touch with reality.

This was a man who refused to accept that there was anything wrong with him. He did nothing to improve his own life aside from buying himself expensive clothes. His parents gave him every advantage they could have and he still felt like he grew up ‘disadvantaged’. He was intensely jealous of other people’s success, to the point where he would physically attack them. He was a paranoid, violently emotional, overly sensitive entitled idiot with some serious delusions of grandeur.

This man had problems that no amount of getting laid could fix. He was a messed up, psychotic human being who became fixated on one group to hate. If it hadn’t been women, it would have been another group.

I don’t blame his parents. I don’t blame gun laws and I don’t blame the manosphere. I blame one person. I blame a mentally ill person who would not accept the fact that he was mentally ill. I blame a man who complained about how terrible his life was but did nothing to fix it.

I blame Elliot Rodger.

6 thoughts on “The Blame Game

  1. Yup, you pretty much nailed that one. I don’t know how people get in the condition Elliott Rodger had reached, but you ain’t gonna bring him back with a couple of pity dates.

    • Cosign on that. From what I read, there really was nothing in the world that would have fixed this guy, despite the fact that his family gave him every opportunity they could.

  2. That guy was just a fucked up retard, did he not figure that maybe he wasn’t normal, and what fucking girl owed that asshat anything? What did he have to offer? The little of I saw of his video, I would have shot him in the nuts to put him out of his little misery” GOD WHAT AN IDIOT” and I’m male

    • I’m pretty sure most normal people feel the same way about him. The sick thing was, he thought he was normal and that most men thought like him.

  3. I think people like to find something they can blame and attack to feel better (and safer?) about life. I agree that the manosphere and PUA’s aren’t to blame, this is not what they encourage.
    This guy was just so very dumb, entitled and crazy.

    • The weird thing was he complained that girls ‘didn’t find him attractive.” I’ll be honest, I actually thought he was handsome. The problem is that most girls can smell psycho from a mile away and that dude, no matter how handsome, wreaked of psycho. Who knows, maybe a good PUA COULD have helped him develop some real social skills, but they never would have been able to fix the crazy rotting away inside him.

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