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Schrödinger’s Laugh Track

First, let me say I’ve never really gotten the whole Schrödinger’s Cat paradox. For those who don’t know, it mainly involves sticking a cat in a box, with some time release poison. Allegedly, there comes a time during the experiment where the cat is simultaneously alive and dead; i.e. the paradox.

My conclusion to this theory? Schrödinger hated his cat.

My conclusion to this theory? Schrödinger hated his cat.

This paradox comes from the Copenhagen interpretation, which is more about observation with no true objective reality. Personally, I think it’s bullshit. You wanna know if the cat is dead, you don’t need physics.

Just shake the fucking box.

I’m bringing up Schrödinger’s Cat because I’ve heard a lot about it recently, which is odd. I haven’t gotten annoyed by that paradox since I was a college freshman struggling my way through physics. I think the reason that Schrödinger’s Cat suddenly made a comeback was because it was mentioned on a highly rated show, The Big Bang Theory.

So when my buddy Ryan mentioned Schrödinger’s Cat, I mentioned The Big Bang Theory. Ryan responded ‘yeah, I can’t really get into that show. I have a feeling I’d like it, but the laugh track ruined it for me.’

That threw me off because, get this, I had never even noticed the laugh track until he mentioned it. The next time I watched the show, all I could think about was the damn laugh track. I’d hear the laugh track and would immediately stop laughing myself.

Ironically, I had developed my own Schrödinger’s issue. My new observation of the show had changed the way I perceived the show.

So I needed to determine if the show was still funny, or if I had simply been conned by the laugh track. I went online and found a tech guy who could get me copies of the show with the laugh track dubbed out. I watched it.

I watched it and the show was eerily silent. I wanted to laugh a few times, but for some reason, couldn’t. No one else was laughing. I couldn’t figure out if it was funny anymore.

I ran into a new paradox. The laugh track made the show simultaneously suck and not suck. I had developed the paradox of Schrödinger’s Laugh Track.

I get the theory behind laugh tracks. Laughter is infectious and it’s easier to laugh when someone else is laughing. But the weird thing about laugh tracks is that they only work when you don’t notice them.

I probably could have brought my theory up to some important physicists in Switzerland. Instead, I did what I always do when confronted with a paradox.

I drank four beers and smoked a joint. Suddenly, the show was funny again, laugh track or no laugh track.

10 thoughts on “Schrödinger’s Laugh Track

  1. I never liked the big bang theory, i am unable to finish even a single episode, its not fun enough to laugh. Schrondinger cat is something I didn’t understand a while ago. I read it, if you keep poison and a cat (live one) inside a box. you close it, and after a time you dont know if the cat is alive or dead unless you open the box. So it is in a confused (superposition) state, but once you open you find it either dead or alive, so the system (quantum) collapse into one state (alive or dead state). am I wrong 😛 I hope what i said is true, otherwise I will be in a confused state again!

    • Actually, you pretty much nailed the cat conundrum. I.e we live in a world of people that are too goddamn stupid to just open a box to determine if a cat is dead or not or too damn obsessed with how smart everyone thinks they are to give a good solution to the example. But the realists realize they could just open the box.

    • As stated in the first paragraph of this post, I have no idea. The Copenhagen theory has always gone way over my head. Based on my limited knowledge, we could either both be blithering idiots, or both be geniuses. It’s all about subjectivity.

      • yeah that I agree! Einstein was never fond of quantum mechanics, like Bohr did! i never read this copenhagen stuff, eventhough I heard that hell lot of time. It is more interesting to forget about it and go on with already overwhelming physics around us!

      • I never agreed with the Copenhagen theory, as I thought it was too stringent…which I’m pretty sure is what Schrodinger was trying to point out with his theory. It was more of a joke than a theory.

  2. Actually, the Schrodinger’s Cat thought experiment was devised to show something like your point: that it’s ridiculous to apply the Copenhagen interpretation to everyday objects. It’s more of a “Here, let this mindfuck show the issues with your interpretation.” thing. I mean, observation by the geiger counter itself could be enough to collapse the wavefunction.
    It’s a good subject for vague quantum physicky jokes, though 😀

    • Those wacky physicists and their silly jokes. Kinda gives me a new appreciation for ‘a priest, a nun and a rabbi walk into a bar.” At least those jokes, I got.

      • “Do a priest, a nun and a rabbi walk into a bar… if there is no one to observe them?”
        I think I just killed the joke.

      • Actually, I think you just turned the joke into a physiological conundrum, as opposed to a physics paradox. In order to stay on subject, I would recommend “If time is cyclical, and a priest, nun and rabbi walk into the same bar as another priest, nun and rabbi, can they occupy the same space or will it create a paradox in the space time continuum?”

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