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Things I Don’t Want for Christmas

It is that time of year again, where my friends prove how little they know me by giving me a present that I immediately shove into a drawer or re-gift to someone I don’t like, like my mail man or the pizza guy. In the interest of helping out everyone, here are some things that you can throw away instead of giving them to me.


Pictures of your children.

I hate to be a dick about this (well, not really) but why the fuck would I want pictures of children that aren’t mine? Maybe I might get it if they were a close relations or something, like nieces and nephews, but I don’t have any of those. Most of the time, I’m getting the photos from people I haven’t seen since high school.

Look, people who feel the need to do this, I need to share something with you. I know you think your kids are cute, but you are the only one. Know that little Jimmy’s face is currently acting as a coaster for my beer.

Inspirational plaques, picture frames, etc.

To date, I have only received one inspirational plaque that I like. It came from my mother, and it is inscribed with the wise words;

“Why the hell has no one hit you in the face with a hammer yet!?!”

To me, that’s all the inspiration I need to live by. In this world, there are two kinds of people. There are the people who deserve to get hit in the face with hammers, and those who do the hitting.

People who give out inspirational plaques for Christmas fall into the first group.

Sex toys

There’s always one out there who has to be the edgy chick (or creepy guy) handing out dildos, specialty lube, edible undies, or worse. Look, ladies, this isn’t a shitty bachelorette party. It’s Jesus’ birthday for fucks sake. Save that shit for if I ever get drunk enough to get married.

These people always do this with one goal in mind, to embarrass the recipient. Luckily, I am immune from embarrassment, having both taken group showers, and given birth in front of an entire student nursing staff.

The last time some bitch did this to me, I paid her back by giving her a bong for her birthday. I don’t know what was funnier; the look of horror on her face as she opened the box, or the desperation in her voice as she tried to convince her parents it was a lamp.

Good times.

Office supplies

Yes, I know I work from home, so it seems like it’s a good idea. Here’s the thing, my office environment is entirely virtual. I don’t use paper, I don’t use pens and I don’t need a poster of a cat dangling off a tree branch, telling me to ‘hang in there.’

I have a desk, a computer and a kick ass fancy office chair that swivels (courtesy of mom and brother from last x-mas). This is all I need to get my work done…so please return that gift card to Office Depot. I haven’t even been in one of those since 1998.

Look, I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, and the thing is, I’m actually trying not to be. I’m trying to save you money. I don’t need gifts at all. Give me a call, stop by for a drink, or just leave me the hell alone, but don’t feel obligated to give a gift to me because we went to grade school together.

If you absolutely must, must get me a gift this holiday season, here is my wish list;

Essa’s Wish List

  1. Money
  2. Booze
  3. Money to buy booze

Happy holidays people. May you get everything you dreamed of…or nothing at all.




2 thoughts on “Things I Don’t Want for Christmas

  1. I do not gift anyone anymore unless they are close family or very close friends. My close family (children and grandchildren) are kind enough to create an Amazon wish list from which I make purchases. I in turn also create an Amazon wish list from which they can purchase. It works perfectly.

    Btw – adults create childrens wish lists.

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