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The Two Color Contact Method

Hey people, surprisingly, after last nights post, I’ve stopped getting emails from Manosphere idiots!  However, I have gotten a few messages, and one comment, from people who were intrigued by the two color contact manipulation method.

Because I am an all around wonderful human being, I’m going to explain it in more detail right here.

Have you ever seen an old hypnosis movie, where the hypnotist was waving a watch back and forth in front of someone? That’s not just a prop. It’s actually based in science.

The goal is to force the subject’s eyes to move back in forth, to eventually bring on something called REM (rapid eye movement). REM usually only happens when you are deeply asleep and dreaming. REM is a point where the human mind is at its most vulnerable, because the subconscious is wide open and has taken over the conscious.

When REM is induced while someone is awake, they are very vulnerable to manipulation. It’s easy to implant suggestions in them and make them believe what you want them to believe.

Of course, you can’t just go around waving a watch in front of a girl’s face at a club. Instead, you need to be more subtle. That’s where the two different color eyes come in. Once someone notices that they are looking into two different color eyes, they will start to focus on one over the other. They’ll realize what they are doing and try to make direct eye contact again, but they’ll actually just start switching their gaze from one eye to another.

In many cases, this is enough to trigger REM, making the subject vulnerable to manipulation.

Now how much to you all want to bet that the next time I go to a club, it’s going to be filled with guys sporting two different color eyes?


2 thoughts on “The Two Color Contact Method

  1. I would bust out in abusive laugher if I saw boys sporting two colored contacts. But then, I am older and meaner than most women in clubs and spoiling ijits fun, well that would be the highlight of my day.

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